pete firman

along with the ukulele project, the mister and i went to see pete firman for the second year in a row.  he’s a magician/comedian in the vein of tommy cooper.  he’s hilarious and his tricks are pretty incredible.  last year my mister and i were in the second row and he threw a ball out to the audience to pick a volunteer.  it was headed to me but as i have stage fright i lunged out the way and the mister caught it.  he had to write a word and a number on a piece of paper and pete would guess what it was.  the word he chose was “australia”.  pete immediately guessed it was a place and then said ‘australia’.  we were pretty amazed.  the number the boy had chosen was 1888, which is important as it’s the year celtic football club was established.  there had been a stuffed duck toy sitting on the stage, untouched,  the entire night and when it came to guessing the number, pete handed the duck to the boy and told him to take the piece of paper from around the duck’s ankle and read the number written on the inside of it…..well, what do you know? 1888!!!! pretty incredible.  this tima around, we ended in the third row and my mister got picked again as a volunteer.  i won’t tell you the details incase you go and see him, which you absolutely should, but it involved a £5 note and a cupcake.  i absolutely recommend you go see him if you’re in edinbuurgh in august, his show is well worth the money.  for more information check out

(image ia google images)

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