auld reekie roller girls

my favourite time for living where i do is august.  i live about 20 minutes from edinburgh and august means fringe feastival time.  it’s a month long festival of comedy, theatre, music, street performers and just random things you don’t often see in edinburgh.  my mister and i try to go to a few shows every year as well as just having a walk about and soaking up the vibe.  the first event we went to this year was a roller derby bout.  i didn’t have much experience of roller derby other than watching the drew barrymore/ellen page move ‘whip it!’ and knowing a girl who is in a derby team in boston.  i’ve always wanted to see a bout (derby term for match) but didn’t realise edinburgh even had a team until i saw it advertised in the fringe guide.  the teams jamming were edinburgh’s auld reekie roller girls twisted thistles vs. london’s rockin roller all stars.  the bout theme was  called ‘prisoner of azkaslam’, a twist on harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.  here is the wiki definition of roller derby…

Roller derby is an American-invented contact sport — and historically, a form of sports entertainment — based on formation roller skating around an oval track, with points scored as two individual players, “jammers”, lap members of their opposing teams whilst both teams play offense and defense simultaneously.

i’m not much of a sports loving girl, the only sports i enjoy watching are surfing, formula 1 and now, derby.  what i love most about it is the punk style.  each player has a name that has a punk twist like, iron maven, skid’n nancy and anna mosity.  the girls wear ripped fishnets, tutus and often have tons of tattoos on show. the style is very much punk/burleque/rockabilly.  it’s a damn cool sport and now i know edinburgh has it’s own team, i’m definitely going to be attending more bouts. in fact, my mister bought some raffle tickets and he won 2 tickets for any upcoming bout.  it was kinda funny as when they read out his number, he yelled “winner, winner, chicken dinner”, everybody turned to look at him and he proceeded to trip up!  sadly the auld reekie girls lost this bout.   for more information check out

here are some photos i took, the lighting wasn’t great.

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