which path?

here’s what is going on with me right now.  i have been out of work since last september due to depression and then a problem with my back that required surgery and then not wanting to go back to work in a call centre.  i am the queen of starting things and not finishing and also of finding it hard to make decisions so after a lot of thought i decided to apply to college to finish a childcare course that i started 11 years ago.  i got accepted and have a place which will start at the end of august. all was hunkydory.  my mister is currently at uni and is in fourth year of a degree course.  we both are travellers at heart and long to go and spend some time in canada after he finishes studying.  it made sense for us to both study at the same time.  to go to canada obviously requires money and me being at college would mean we would have to put off canada longer than we wanted while we got money together.  randomly i got a call last night for a telephone interview for a full-time job.  this would mean we would get to canada sooner and pay off our debt.  i’m not sure what to do, whether i’ll regret not going to college if i get the job, i may not even get the job.  this is a bit of a rambled blog, i apologise, but it’s helped me get my feelings sorted.  i’m leaving it up to god, fate whatever you want to call it.  i’ve been in this sitauation before where i had to choose between a second interview for a job which would have qualified me to work in social work or start a new job on the same day as the second interview which would enable me to save money for a trip to australia.  it took a while, but i decided on australia and on my trip there i found my husband….so i’m thinking, what will be, will be.  the way it stands just now, if i get the job, i’ll take it.  if i don’t, then i’ll take my place at college and we’ll go to canada a little later than planned and probably with less money. so send your positive thoughts, prayers, karma, vibes, whatever works for youto me tomorrow afternoon when i have my interview please so that i at least get through to the next round.  sorry if this has been a rambled blog but it’s been on my mind and if i can’t share it here, where can i share right? :)

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