beautiful people ~ stevie nicks

i was pretty much brought up on fleetwood mac music.  my dad was and is a fan and some of my earliest memories are of car journeys where stevie nicks’ voice was coming out of the car stereo.  nowadays, my dad and i have don’t have too much in common when it comes to music but we will always share a love of fleetwood mac and the travelling wilburys.  for those who don’t know who stevie nicks is, she is member of  the band fleetwood mac and has had an extensive solo career.  the reason i love stevie is simple.  she is beautiful, she writes amazing poetry, her voice is incredible and above all else, i love her style. she dresses part dickensian with top hats and boots and part boho/gypsy with floaty dresses, scarves and shawls. i was lucky enough to see fleetwood mac live last year and i was amazed how good she still looks and how well she can belt out those songs at 62. if you’ve never heard her sing, please listen to gypsy, sara, rhiannon, landslide and seven wonders all by fleetwood mac and if you don’t like her then there’s something wrong with you! :)

“personally, i think that sexy is keeping yourself mysterious.”
~stevie nicks

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