movie love

ever since i was a little kid i have loved movies.  i was always an imaginative kiddo and i loved the fact that  a movie could take me to another place for a couple of hours.  i love movies just as much, if not more, now and the mister and i go to the movies often….i still love popcorn (salty/sweet mix for this fussy little lady), sometimes nachos piled with jalapeños and nacho cheese dip and a huge cup of diet coke. heaven!  however, the mister and i have been pretty strapped for cash recently so we have regular movie nights at home, sometimes with a theme but always with a huge bowl of popcorn and diet coke for me, coke for him.  our love of movies means we have a collection of well over 300 dvds so we have plenty to choose from.  last night we watched forrest gump, a favourite of both of ours and i thought i would share the movies i love and watch over and over again that never fail to put a smile on my face….

almost famous
my girl
now and then
reality bites
empire records
dan in real life
california man
the goonies
pay it forward
don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead
edward scissorhands
i am sam
what’s eating gilbert grape
willy wonka and the chocolate factory
500 days of summer
american pie trilogy
50 first dates
napoleon dynamite
benny and joon
the little mermaid
national lampoon’s christmas vacation
toy story

that was just a little list of some of the movies that i ♥.  what are the movies that you love?

(image via weheartit)

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