love is a mix tape

i was talking with my friend holly day last night (check out her blog on BBM about mix tapes and why cds and ipod playlists just aren’t the same. then i randomly watched the john cusack movie, high fidelity, which ends with his character making a mix tape for his girlfriend full of songs he thinks she will love.  growing up in the 80s, i spent a lot of my time making mix tapes for myself and for others, filling them with songs i loved that i thought they would also love.  those who know me will know that i’m not a materialistic person.  i’m not into huge bouquets of flowers and fancy boxes of chocolates or diamonds, money doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. i’d far rather have a gift from someone that they have made or a card that they have made or really sourced out because they think i will love it.  i’d rather have someone put in the effort of cooking me dinner than paying to take me to a restaurant. i don’t care about fancy hotels, to me travelling is about experiencing the culture of a place rather than needing a hotel that has a spa and 5 stars.  long story short i don’t think there is anything more romantic or thoughful that anybody could do for me than make me a mix tape.  for me, songs and smells invoke memories better than a photo can.  i can tell you that when i hear “la bamba” by richie valens or los lobos, i immediately think of my first night in bangkok, thailand, sitting in a rooftop bar on the khao san road about to embark on a year in australia and knowing i was going to have an amazing time.  when i hear “go your own way” by fleetwood mac, i think of my time living in virginia, america.  i could tell you the songs that are special to me and the mister….but i think i’ll keep that private.  there are so many songs that remind me of amazing times in my life.  to think that somebody would spend hours picking out songs that remind them of a special time with you, or that they think you will adore, putting them in order and maybe making a cool box for it with a collage is just the most romantic thing in the world. bring back mix tapes.

(images via weheartit)

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