i’m in love with a ginger boy

i finally watched last sunday’s top gear and they had one of my favourite boys as a guest driver…..the amazing and rather handsome rupert grint.  i developed a rather innappropriate crush on him when i saw him play ron weasley the first harry potter move just because he is a cutie patootie and he’s so funny.  those of you who know my mister will realise a trend between him and rupert….they are both younger than me (yes, i seem to have become a cougar in my old age) and they are both ginger.  my crush on rupert was cemented watching top gear when he admitted to having an orange range rover and calling it “ginger” along with owning a pick ice-cream van because it was his lifelong dream.  he also said his ginger nickname at school was “luc” as in lucozade juice and got all embarrassed and bashful and giggly when jezza clarkson asked him if he’d ever had a ‘semi’ when acting with emma watson! adorable! rupert grint, i hereby declare i love you ♥

 how can anybody look at this adorable face and not smile?

(images via weheartit)

3 responses to “i’m in love with a ginger boy

  1. I find Rupert Grint funny especially his face because he’s so cute. hahah.

  2. He’s so cute! : ) I too would go sleazy for Ron Weasley… wish I could see him blushing over the whole semi comment!

  3. Have you seen him in Wild Target? Super cute.

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