Beautiful People ~ Vanessa Paradis

I am pretty crazy about Paris and French style and I have this lady to thank for it.  I was 7 when Vanessa Paradis released her first single Joe Le Taxi in the UK.  I didn’t understand any words of the french sung song apart from the title words but I loved it.  I used to watch Top Of  The Pops and I recorded the video for this song and watched it over and over.  I wanted to be French so bad. I still like it a lot and I still want to be French a LOT.  I have these daydreams about riding a vintage bicycle through Paris with a breton stripe top on and sitting outside a cafe with a smoking a cigarette (it’s Paris, smoking is cool there!!) and eating a croissant!   I think Vanessa Paradis is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I think Johnny Depp is a very lucky man to have her by his side.  She is now not only a singer but also an actress (I’m excited to see her movie Heartbreaker next week) and model who is adored by none other than Karl Lagerfeld.  She has been used in a few Chanel campaigns, most memorably dressed in black and sitting on a swing inside a birdcage for Coco perfume.  On top of this, she is also a mama to Lily-Rose and Jack, her children with Johnny.  I was obsessed with Johnny Depp throughout my teens and I definitely think if I can’t be Mrs Depp, then I’m glad he has someone as cool as Vanessa.

(images via google and weheartit)


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