Beautiful People ~ Kurt and Courtney

I am going through a Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love/Nirvana/Hole phase right now.  For some reason I am very into the 90s at the moment, watching classic 90s movies like Wayne’s World, California Man, Empire Records, Reality Bites and I’m getting a bit grungey.  To be honest, I wasn’t that into grunge the first time around.  I liked some Nirvana and Soundgarden stuff but I wouldn’t say I was that into the scene.  I always did have a bit of a crush on Kurt Cobain though.  He was beautiful, talented, troubled and such an enigma. I always thought Kurt and his wife, Courtney Love were one of the coolest couples.  There is something about rockstar couples that totally intrigues me.  They seemed so in love and they both had their own quirky style.  I don’t know that much about either of them but have grown to appreciate Kurt and what he did for the music industry in his 27 years as I’ve gotten older.  I just bought a book called Heavier Than Heaven, a biography about Kurt, on Amazon.  I can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can better get to know this amazing, beautiful soul and what went on in his head and more about Kurt and Courtney’s relationship.  One thing I will say….Kurt had awesome taste in sunglasses!

I heart those sunglasses

My friend, April, told me it’s Courtney’s birthday today.

Happy Birthday Miss Love


(images via google and weheartit)


One response to “Beautiful People ~ Kurt and Courtney

  1. I bought Heavier Than Heaven back when it came out and the end made me cry. I don’t think that necessarily gives it away, because it doesn’t. Also the author, Charles Cross is a bit of an idiot, who tends to dwell on superfluous stuff. If you truly, TRULY want to read an amazing book that will inform you about Kurt/Courtney as well the band, read Nirvana by Everett True. He was good friends with Kurt, so you know, it’s like getting the information straight from the horses mouth. Also, check out the documentary called Kurt And Courtney(if you haven’t already.

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