Rainbows and Unicorns

Since I was a child and I saw the cartoon movie, The Last Unicorn, I have always believed in their existence.  I know some people would call me nuts, and the boy frequently does, but there’s something magical in believing that there are special creatures out there that we can’t see.  I remember reading the Sweet Valley Twins books when I was about 10 or 11 and one of the twins, Jessica, and her friends formed The Unicorn Club.  Basically they adored anything unicorn and wore a lot of purple.  Along with some girls in my class at school, I set up something similar.  I wanted so badly to be a part of Jessica’s unicorn club and wear a unicorn pendant.  I’m definitely not a fantasy freak movie-wise and book-wise, I guess I just have a vivid imagination.  It’s not just unicorns though.  I also like to believe that there are phoenix rising from the flame somewhere, leprauchans hiding their gold at the end of the rainbow, fairies living at the bottom of the garden and maybe even dragons and a whole wizarding world (like in Harry Potter) that we don’t know exists.  It turns out it isn’t just me.  The other day when I was  on vacation up in the Orkney Islands, the boy and I were driving through a little place called Finstown when in a field I saw a unicorn! I did a double take and shrieked to the boy “OMG, a unicorn!” of course he laughed and it did turn out to be just a pure white horse with a bit of it’s mane blown upright by the wind, which out the corner of my eye looked like a horn.  Needless to say I was gutted.  I was telling my friend Holly Day about it (check her blog Ennui and Anomie on my blog roll) and she is exactly the same believing in unicorns, phoenix, vampires, what have you. We are both sane, intelligent girls who choose to retain that little bit of our childhood magic and believe!  Do you believe?

Pretty much the most adorable cookies I’ve ever seen.

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