Happy Campers

From a very young age, I’ve wanted to live in a camper or caravan of some sort. Not in a trailer trash kind of way obviously, but I’ve always thought there was something romantic about a boy and a girl packing up their lives into a campervan and going on an adventure together to wherever their hearts desire.  My obsession probably started with my Gran and Grandad’s caravan.  It was kept up the west coast of scotland in a place that has white sandy beaches.  Some of my earliest memories are of cooking barbecue dinners outside the caravan and then being cozy and snug in my bed at night while rain hammered on the roof in a soothing beat that would send me off to sleep.  Growing up I developed a love and obsession for VW Campervans, Airstreams and Gypsy Caravans. Maybe this is because I am a traveller at heart and have pretty much constant wanderlust, the idea of having no plans and going where the road takes us with no commitments, just your entire life packed in a camper makes my heart skip a little beat.  My dream is for me and the boy to own a VW Camper or Airstream and pack up our lives and travel Europe, Scandinavia and my ultimate destination, roadtripping every single mainland state in America. I daydream about us driving along the West Coast through Oregon and California, stopping in beach towns and bohemian towns.  We’d cook dinner on a little barbecue and sit out under the stars watching fireflies.  We’d visit thrift stores and markets and listen to American anthems as we drove, exploring everywhere …Santa Fe, Portland, Santa Barbara, Austin, Savannah… Luckily, I have a boy who shares this dream and a campervan (preferably a vintage yellow one, like in Little Miss Sunshine, that we’ll call Janis)  is at the top of our wishlist for whenever we have any spare cash.

I adore this photo, it makes me think of the super cute movie, Up!   

(images via weheartit)

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