i heart you, diet coke

Dear Diet Coke,

You have quenched my thirst for all these years.  Nothing beats the jaggy, fizzy feeling of your bubbles when I’m thirsty.  Lately it’s been hard.  People have been so nasty about us, they keep telling me that you’re bad for me and full of chemicals, but all I see is your good side.  Sometimes just knowing that you are there chilling in my refrigerator is enough to put a big smile on my face.  I can’t seem to keep away from you, you are like a drug to me.  I’ve tried so many times to cut you out of my life, but everytime I miss you so much.  I love you Diet Coke and I have a bit of a crush on your brother Vanilla Diet Coke who isn’t around as much anymore which makes me sad.  I just wanted to let you know that you make me smile and I will never give you up!


Lisa xo

 I am also loving the photo in this blog.  It has 3 things in it that rock my world…Lolita sunglasses, Diet Coke and Twizzlers!

(image @ weheartit)

One response to “i heart you, diet coke

  1. Dear kindred spirt, I agree with every word of this blog for I too am a diet coke guzzling, lolita sunglasses loving, twizzler munching addict! x

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