Churro Lovin’

I haven’t blogged for a while.  I haven’t really had too much to say.  I had a pretty nice weekend.  I spent some time in the sunshine with the boy yesterday which was lovely.  Last night there was some serious football on tv.  Don’t ask me who was playing but I was in danger of becoming a football widow.  Luckily the boy made plans with Ryan to watch the game at his place and I was gonna hang out with his little lady, Niki.  We ended up with another couple of football widows, Lorraine and another Nikki, drinking champagne and strawberries in the evening sun.  It was so lovely to sit out in the garden with the girls, some candles and funny conversation until the sun went down.

Today….another day of sunshine!  Scotland is definitely much more bearable when the sun is shining, but I find myself today, dreaming of being in Madrid eating some of these….

lovely warm churros with melted chocolate or caramel… yummo!

(image from weheartit)

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