Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Photography has been a huge part of my life ever since I was born.  My Dad is a self-taught, semi-professional photographer and he’s pretty damn good – he has every kind of camera you can imagine, polaroid, one where you look into the viewfinder from above, SLRs and now digital, everything except a Hasselblad, but as they can cost £40,000, it’s not likely he will ever own one!   Since I was born I’ve had a camera recording my every move then my Dad would hide out in his darkroom that he had in the attic and develop them all.  On summer holidays it would take us double the time to get home because a) my Dad would want to take the scenic route and b) because we would stop every half our so he could take photos!  Needless to say this was the bane of my life….until I found my own style of photography.

I’ve always been quite creative and a complete dreamer but I never had an outlet for this, I suck at drawing, I wouldn’t know where to start with a paintbrush, much as I’ve tried to write a novel or even a short story I can’t seem to get it out on paper the way it happens in my head.  While my Dad like to take landscape photos, especially in Scotland, they’re beautiful, but he sets them up very typically.  He will generally have whatever he is focusing on in the middle and might mess about with filters to make sunsets more amazing.  I like details, I like blur, I like haze, I like juxtaposition, I like freaky and weird things, a bit of chaos, dreamy photos, random, unposed, candid photos.  I like to take something ugly and find the beauty in it.  I like polaroids and instax photos.  Although digital is great and you don’t have to waste money getting film developed only to find out your finger was in the way or someone has their eyes shut, there is a wonder and mystery in opening a wallet of freshly developed photos to find out what you’ve got.

 I discovered Lomography a few years back.  Lomo cameras come from Austria and are basically plastic cameras that can let in a lot of light and make dreamy, hazy looking photgraphs, basically exactly what I was looking for.  So in Christmas 2008, I got a fair bit of money and splashed out of a Diana F+ camera like this one…

Mine is a darker green with stars on it that glow in the dark!  I absolutely adore it.  It has a big exterior retro flash that sits on top of it and I got a bunch of lenses with it; fisheye, pinhole, telescopic, wide angle etc.  You can put little coloured lenses into the flash to throw colour on your photos, you can take two photos in one shot which looks like you’ve superimposed.  It’s just awesome.  Sadly, it’s sat in a box in my room.  I’ve taken one whole film with it so far and not had it developed.  I was kinda depressed and had no creativity whatsoever.  But recently I was looking at some Lomo photos online and have a new surge of inspiration to go out there and make art like these…

I love that this photo looks dreamy and vintage

I love that with a Lomo you don’t know what you’re going to end up with when it gets developed.  You can make what would normally be a typical photograph and make it something extraordinary.

I’ll post some of my own Lomo photos when I get my film developed.

*images from weheartit*

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