Reading Is Sexy

I love to read.  I don’t understand people that don’t love to read.  How can you not love something that lets your imagination run wild and lets you escape to Dickensian towns and Austen countrysides?  I have been a bookworm since I can remember.  My Mum is the same and she and my Dad (although he hates to read) spent a lot of time reading to me as a kid.  I always remember my first favourites being The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dr Seuss.  I was one of those kids who was taken to the library weekly over the summer holidays and each week I would take out about 5 books and have them all finished well before the next library visit.  Recently, I found my old school reports and they all said the same thing, “She is a chatterbox who loves books and is confident in reading, she often finishes her work quickly and then heads to the book corner to read for pleasure.”  As I grew up I devoured anything by Roald Dahl, Paula Danziger, Dick King-Smith, E.B White and my favourite, Judy Blume.  I actually, a few years ago, left a comment on Judy Blume’s website thanking her for her books, and she replied!  I still have that email back from her in my inbox!  I admit I’m a total nerd.  As I’ve gotten older, if anything I’ve become more obsessed.  The boy doesn’t get my obsession with books at all.  I could spend hours in the library or in Borders or in used book stores but after about 10 mintues he’s getting all antsy.  I love going to thrift stores and charity stores on the weekends and trawling the shelves looking for books.  I love to think about the people who have owned the book before me and if somebody gave them it as a gift.  I particularly love to find books with inscriptions in them, it’s like sharing an inside joke or a private moment with absolute strangers.  Another joy is coming across an amazing book completely by accident.  I’ll admit that sometumes I do judge a book by its cover and sometimes this is a bad idea but sometimes, rarely, you find an absolute gem of a book and it’s like finding treasure.  What has changed as I’ve got older is that as a child I would never give up on a book, even if it wasn’t speaking to me I would soldier on through it until the end.  Now, if I’ve read three or four chapters and I’m not getting anything out of it, I will finish up and start another.  I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing but I just feel there are so many great novels out there that life is too short to be stuck reading one that you don’t enjoy.  A book to me can be almost like a great friend.  I have a few books that I’ve read over and over and I can memorise whole passages out of them, but reading them is a comfort, much like pulling on an old comfortable hoodie on a cold day and snuggling up inside the hood. 

The books I have read over and over and could read over and over some more are…

The Virgin Suicides ~ Jeffrey Eugenides

Chocolat ~ Joanne Harris

Pay It Forward ~ Catherine Ryan Hyde

Tuesdays With Morrie ~ Mitch Albom

Memoirs Of A Geisha ~ Arthur Golden

Love Story ~ Erich Segal 

She’s Come Undone ~ Wally Lamb

Where The Heart Is ~ Billie Letts

All the Harry Potter books ~ J. K. Rowling

All the Nicholas Sparks books if I need a simple, emotional read.

I have made it very clear to the boy that when we have children, no matter how much he doesn’t like reading himself, he will be reading to them from when they are in my belly!  I want us to encourage our kids to read and to enjoy it because I truly believe encouraging a child to read and to use his or her imagination is one of the most important gifts you can give.  I am so grateful my parents took the time to read to me each day and on endless trips to the library and book store, for it is a gift I am still reaping the benefits of even now.

I love getting recommendations aswell, so if you know a great book that you think I’ll enjoy then please let me know.

*images from weheartit*

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