Summer is coming…can you feel it?

The sun has been out for the last week or so, my freckles have come out over my nose and forehead, I’ve been able to wear flipflops and go barefoot without risking hypothermia….yes summer is coming! As a diagnosed SAD (seasonal affected disorder) sufferer, I really don’t do well in cold climates and I get really low and depressed.  Miraculously when the sun starts to shine and the shoes and socks come off, my troubles seem to melt away and I’m like a new person.  As a vegetarian who is trying to stay away from dairy products, it’s essential I get the Vitamin D that the sun produces as the only other way to get it is from animal products or a synthetic vitamin tablet, getting it naturally from the sun is a million times better.  The sun clears up my eczema and sinus problems…let’s face it I was born to live in California!  I love that everyone is happy and carefree when the sun comes out.  We tend to socialise more over barbecues and picnics with our friends and the world just seems a friendlier, happier place to be.  Here are some things I love about summer….

Camping out

Wearing flip flops

Going on vacation

Wearing cool sunglasses

Music festivals

Picnic in the park with the boy

The beach

Freckles on sun-kissed skin

A quote about freckles…”A child without freckles is like the sky without stars”

*images from weheartit*

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