Bucket List

i have been thinking a lot lately about my life.  by all accounts I have gotten myself into a bit of a funk recently and everything seems to be same ol’ same ol’ all the time.  to be fair, the boy and i don’t have a lot of spare cash hanging about to spend on doing crazy things, but i have been inspired a lot recently and it’s been brought home that life is way too short to be sitting about doing nothing.  so, inspired by the movie, the bucket list, I have been keeping a notebook filled with a massive list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket.  i started this 2 years ago and kind of forgot about it, but i am officially starting my completion of these things from NOW, living completely in the moment and making the most of every opportunity that comes my way.  i don’t wanna get old and have no adventures to tell my granchildren about.  i decided i would share some of them here…..

1. get a tattoo that shows who i was, am and will be

2. live in a vw camper or an airstream for a year while visiting every state of   america

3. learn to fly a plane

4. be a stereotypical tourist in nyc for a day, walking about with a statue of liberty foam hat and an ‘i ♥ ny’ shirt

5. go to the airport and catch a random flight

6. make my own kimono style dress

7. own a vintage and 2.55 chanel handbag

8. learn the napoleon dynamite dance

9. visit a native american reservation and learn all about their heritage

10. join a glee-style choir

11. learn how to fish plait my hair

12. travel overland from london to sydney via the hippie trail

13. walk the coast of california

14. watch baby sea turtles hatch and crawl into the ocean

15. ride the tallest, fastest, most scariest rollercoaster in the world

16. visit all disney theme parks

17. live in a houseboat and a lighthouse

18. learn to play the guitar and ukulele

19. learn french well enough to read Le Petit Prince and watch Amelie without reading the subtitles

20. help in some small way to legalise gay marriage

21. learn to apply liquid eyeliner properly

22. see the northern lights

23. spend a year chasing surf

24. grow my hair to my waist

25. learn to speak spanish fluently (or enough to read all the harry potter books in spanish)

26. host a movie festival in my backyard

27. live by the sea

28. memorise the capital of every country in the world

29. spend time in japan completely absorbing the culture

30. finally get to hawaii (after 2 failed attempts)

31. adopt a child

32. be body confident enough to spend time on a nude beach

33. send a message in a bottle

34. make a time capsule

35. witness a meteor shower

36. attend both Coachella and Bonnaroo festivals

37. sleep in an igloo for one night

38. overcome my fear of heights by cliff diving

39. fill an entire notebook with my haiku

40. hold an exhibition of my lomography

41. grow my own fruit, vegetables and herbs

42. do an epic roadtrip of America with people I love

43. travel across a country in a hot air balloon

44. spend a week living in a treehouse

45. sleep in a hammock under the stars

46. go to a drive-in movie

47. write at least one letter a month to my penpal, April, just like we used to

48. go skinny dipping with the boy

49. fly a kite with the boy who never had one as a kid

50. furnish my house with things found in vintage and thrift stores, flea markets etc

51. in the spirit of penny lane from almost famous, “i’ve made a decision, i’m gonna live in morocco for one year.”

so that was 51 things that are on my bucket list, there are many more but some are private, some are very simple things I should have done by now, some are silly but I hope my list has inspired you to stop taking life for granted and think about the things you want to do or achieve and the places you want to go before you kick the bucket. now one last thing….. GET OUT THERE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! :)


One response to “Bucket List

  1. Awww – #47! Yes, we must start writing each other again!! I miss that so much!

    Luv your list Lise — and I woud love to joing you for a few of those someday :)

    Thx for the inspirational post!

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