Beautiful People ~ Drew Barrymore

I thought it was about time for another Beautiful People posts, and as I watched two Drew Barrymore movies yesterday and she is one of my favourite women, I thought I would honour her! 

Drew was born in February 1975 into a family of actors.  We all came to know and love her in her role as the cute kid sister, Gertie, in E.T in the 80s.  Since then we all know about her well documented teenage spiral into drink and drugs and her infamous feud with her mother Jaid.  But that isn’t what’s important.  Drew has come back fighting, addiction free and better than ever.  She is now, along with acting, a producer who founded Flower Films with her best friend Nancy Juvonen.  Together they have produced Donnie Darko, Music & Lyrics, 50 First Dates to name a few and more recently Drew has become a director for the first time.  Last night I went to see her directorial debut, Whip It, a movie about punk sport, womens roller derby, and was impressed.  Along with directing it, she had a supporting role and it was funny, sweet and I really enjoyed it, so did the boy who was apprehensive about seeing it!   She has been honoured recently with a Hollywood Star and a Golden Globe for her recent TV show Grey Gardens.


What I love most about Drew is that she is not stereotypically beautiful but she is naturally pretty.  She’s a free-spirit, feisty, has the best laugh and is a bit of a self-confessed geek!  She is strong and is a great role model to young girls.  She is someone I would want to be friends with.  She believes in staying true to herself and if people don’t like it, so what!

““The only fundamental rule for me is to just be yourself, let your freak-flag fly, and if someone doesn’t get you, move on.”  ~ Drew Barrymore

Though it’s hard to choose, my top 5 Drew movies are……

1. Boys On The Side

2. Whip It

3. 50 First Dates

4. Riding In Cars With Boys

5. The Wedding Singer

*images from weheartit*

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