music for the soul

 last night the boy and i went to a john butler trio concert.  i’m not gonna say much about it except that it was incredible!  it’s rare to find a band where each member appears to be a genius on their chosen instrument and keeps the audience captivated and in the palm of their hand throughout the entire show, but this is most definitely the case with the trio.  i won’t say any more about it, because i’m not a critic and i try not to judge anybody in their chosen form of creating art but as a fan i will say this…as far as music goes, seeing john butler playing “ocean” live and in such an intimate venue has completely fed my soul and made my heart smile.  i was in awe of this humble man creating such magic in front of me.  i can’t describe what this piece of music means to me except that it is the only piece of instrumental music which makes me cry, get goosebumps and every time i hear it, i discover something new about it, another little of bit of magic seems to appear each time.  i have heard it many times on cd, youtube and whatnot, but hearing it live was something else.  something i will remember always.  as the boy put it last night, john butler shows in ocean that you can speak what’s in your heart without using words.  very powerful.  there are many different versions of “ocean”, some bits remain constant but he plays other bits differently each time.  i have included a video of pretty much my favourite version and yes, it’s over 9 minutes long but so worth watching and if my favourite part at 6 minutes 20 seconds doesn’t make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and your spine tingle then I don’t know what will.  i hope you enjoy it. 

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