Giving It All Up

Since High School, I have struggled with my weight.  A self-confessed emotional binger, I eat when I’m happy, sad, angry, scared and mostly at all other times.  When I’m not eating, I’m mentally planning my next meal.  When I go on holiday I look forward to trying out new restaurants and when I go to America, I can’t get enough Taco Bell, Macaroni Grill, Cheesecake Factory and all the junk food I got used to eating when I lived there.  I am now 3 months into my 29th year and have made a pact with myself that I will be within my healthy BMI for my 30th birthday in January 2011.  I don’t care if I’m at the top end of it as long as I’m in it.  My goal after that is to be at the lower end of my ideal BMI range for my friend’s wedding in May 2011.  I know I have willpower.  After smoking an average of 15 cigarettes a day for nearly 10 years, I made the decision that I would give up somewhere in the year that I was 25.  I was having a hard time with a job in Edinburgh and ended up resigning on 12th May 2006.  That was the last day I ever smoked.  New beginning as a non-smoker.  It’s nearly 4 years now since I stopped and I have had no cravings at all.  Now that I have decided to lose weight for my 30th I have been giving up a lot of things.  The idea is to be vegan or close to vegan by my 30th birthday.  I have been vegan in the past but had done this cold turkey from being a meat eater and without a lot of research.  I lasted about 6 months and lost a lot of weight along with my hair being shinier, whites of my eyes being whiter, skin glowing etc etc.  In an effort to get back to that and to stick at it, I have been giving things up.

1st January 2010 – I gave up meat.

1st March 2010 – I gave up fish.

1st April 2010 – I have decided to give up sugary snack and fizzy drinks.

The meat and fish have been easy and I’m getting used to just looking for the veggie option on menus.  I have missed chicken especially as I can’t have Jack Daniel’s Sesame Chicken Strips when I go to Friday’s, or when I go to Nando’s I now have to have the Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi Wrap instead of something chicken.  I’ve desperately missed sushi, it’s one of my favourite foods ever, but have stayed away from it until I’m strong enough too go in and order veggie sushi options.  Not quite the same but hey ho!   I have felt the benefit of giving these things up and I’m happy that I’m helping to save lives of animals.  This month will be tough for me.  I love fizzy juice, mostly Diet Coke and since giving up smoking, Diet Coke has been my major vice, after all, I no longer drink alcohol.  When I’m really thirsty I often dream of the jaggy fizziness of Diet Coke and nothing else will do the trick!   But I’m proud of myself for giving up smoking with lots of willpower and I’m hoping I can do the same with drinks.  I’m all about the water, thinking that my skin will be better, hopefully I’ll sleep better without the caffeine in my system (I only drink herbal teas now also).  The sugary snacks might be a bit hard – I’m not saying I will never eat a muffin or a dessert ever again,  I may have dessert once a month in a restaurant,  or I may have the odd Coke but only very, very rarely as opposed to my 3 cans a day, I’m talking 1 a month.  I don’t really have a sweet tooth as such, but having a husband who would happily eat an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting has meant I often eat biscuits even when I’m not really in the mood for it.  This is what is stopping.  I will be having no biscuits in the house, no chocolate (no easter egg!), no ice-cream or cakes.  I hope I can get through the first month!  I am confident I can do it!  Will update as I go along!  I still have cheese, milk, eggs, white bread and pasta etc to give up!

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2 responses to “Giving It All Up

  1. Wow, dropping the cigs the way you did must have been tough! I didn’t know you used to smoke that much!

    I’ve started not eating anything after my dinner each night and have noticed I’ve lost a bit of weight and have generally started feeling better for it. (Though it’s freakin’ tough). I’m constantly wanting snacks of any sort, and any chocolate is my downfall (apart from that disgusting dark stuff Niki eats).

    I hope your plans go well and you find a happy balance in life!

  2. Hahaha! Yeah I smoked about 10 a day and maybe 20 on weekend days if I was in the pub! Crazy huh? I am definitely feeling better so far and really want to keep it up! I got my first veggie sushi for dinner tonight from Sumo – looking forward to it but going to miss my crispy prawn maki :( but Ryan, dark chocolate is delish! Have you tried lindt dark choc with chilli in it? YUM! :)

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