This is a story of boy meets girl…

Once upon a time there was a girl who had wanderlust.  She worked hard and saved all her money, got herself a visa and a flight to visit a wonderful country on the other side of the world called Australia!   She loved Australia and after starting out in Sydney, decided to take a train down to a new city that she had heard good things about called Melbourne.  She loved Melbourne but had the opportunity to go to an island called Tasmania to help out at an animal sactuary so she made the trip over and intended to be there for about 3 months.  Sadly, Tasmania wasn’t what she expected and the girl found herself missing the bright lights and hustle and bustle of Melbourne…so after 4 days, the girl boarded a flight and headed back to city.  She settled into life there and got a job and was living a nice little life not really expecting anything overly exciting to happen.  Little did she know that Cupid had other ideas.  On March 10th 2008, the girl had been enjoying an evening drinking some wine with friends when she found herself in an elevator with a loud, obnoxious, ginger boy who was also from Scotland.  The girl thought the boy was an idiot after he jokingly called her names so she got out the elevator and spent the rest of the night watching a movie.  After the movie, the girl met two irish girls who told her it was a joint friend’s birthday.  She decided to find the friend and wish him a Happy Birthday.  When she found the friend he was outside talking to the idiot from the elevator.  Great!  After an hour or so, everybody started to call it a night and go to bed and the girl found herself to be alone with the boy.  After talking to the boy, she found he wasn’t so bad and was surprised to find out that they lived very close to each other at home.  The boy turned out to be funny, caring and although loud, was very lovable.  That was the night they kissed for the first time.  The girl and boy started seeing each other, taking long walks together, but the girl wasn’t sure she liked the boy as much as he liked her.  The girl didn’t know what to do, but then, a friend told the girl that she was welcome to come along on a roadtrip to the other side of Australia.  It seemed like a sign and the girl said goodbye to the boy, packed up her things and got in the car.  It soon became apparent that the girl was not having fun on the roadtrip.  The days were long and the route they had taken  was sparse, boring and lonely.  The friend who was driving was also very hard to put up with.  The highlight of the trip was when they had to stop overnight at a campsite because it was too dark to keep driving with no streetlights.  That night the girl snuggled in her sleeping bag in the passenger seat, and unable to sleep, gazed through the open sunroof.  It was a magical sight.  Because there was no light for miles and the sky was so clear and pitch black, all the girl could see was endless sparkling stars and the biggest full moon she had ever seen in her life.  She saw shooting stars and could even see the milky way and the moon looked close enough to touch.  The girl wished she had someone special to share this with and she started to miss the boy.  When she got to the other side of Australia, the girl called the boy and asked if it would be ok for her to come back and see him.  The boy said yes.  So the boy and girl were re-united and started going out not long after.  They had a happy time living in a hostel with lots of friends and nights spent in the garden in the warm summer air.  Soon, it came time for the boy to leave.  He had been there a lot longer than the girl and his visa was about to run out.  The boy left with the promise he would return 3 months later.  They spoke on the phone sometimes but the girl missed him terribly and decided she needed to go home and be with the boy.  So she got on a long flight home and the boy was happy to see her.  They went on lots of dates and spent lots of time together and within 3 months the boy had asked the girl to marry him…and she said YES!

The boy and girl decided they wanted to marry soon and as they didn’t believe in big weddings and just wanted it to be about them, they decided to do something fun.  They got on a plane and took a trip to a magical place in the desert called Las Vegas.

And so, on March 10th 2009, exactly a year since the boy and girl met, they were picked up and taken by a limo to The Little White Chapel.  There, in front of Pastor Rodger and Elvis, and with flower garlands round their necks, the boy and the girl promised to love each other forever and became married.

It was a happy day but all too soon, it was time to go home and the boy and girl were sad to leave this magical place. 

A year has now passed and that year has been both tough and happy for the boy and girl.  They don’t have much money and things aren’t as easy as they thought it would be, but the boy and girl have each other and are happy.  On March 10th 2010, exactly a year since they got married in Las Vegas and exactly 2 years since they met in Melbourne, the boy and girl celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary.  They wished that they had time and money to go back to Las Vegas but they didn’t so instead they decided to have a fun day closer to home.

They started out by going to to see a movie that the girl had been longing to see.  It was called Alice In Wonderland and that is one of the girl’s favourite stories.  They decided to see it in IMAX 3D which meant they had to wear silly glasses to see it.

The girl and boy loved the movie.  Afterwards, the boy and girl went to a restaurant called The Butterfly and the Pig.  Inside the restaurant is like being in somebody’s living room and is filled with lots of odd chairs, mismatched teapots and crockery and reminded the girl of the Mad Hatter’s tea party in the movie they had just seen.  Their dinner was yummy.  It was almost time to go home but there was one more stop.  The girl had been told that the first wedding anniversary was also called the paper anniversary and that you are supposed to give your significant other a present made of paper.  The boy and girl had decided not to give presents but the girl came up with an idea!

She had found these paper flying lanterns in a shop and thought they were just perfect for their anniversary night.  The boy and girl stopped on their way home at a place called Blackness Beach to set off their flying lantern.  They wrote their initials on it before it flew away.  It was a magical sight.  The lantern filled up with hot air and flew away towards the stars.  The boy and girl shivered on the beach as they watched it fly for about 2 miles before it faded away.

The boy and girl got in their car and headed home.  It was the end of an amazing day and the boy and girl are looking forward to spending many more anniversaries together.


The End  

5 responses to “This is a story of boy meets girl…

  1. aw cute story! <3

  2. I liked your story. Its too bad no one else has commented here. Looking forward to new posts, cause your life sounds exciting, and better than mine lol.

  3. AlexxisMonique

    aww really really sweet.

  4. Loved your story!!! I hope I find someone like that one day….

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