beautiful people ~ zooey deschanel

there are a lot of people whose style inspire me and who just generally bring a smile to my face.  today i thought i would honour zooey deschanel as i just got tickets to see her band, she & him, play in camden in may.  born on 17th january 1980 and named for the male character in j.d. salinger’s “franny & zooey”, zooey got her big break in the movie ‘mumford’ in 1999.  like most people, i first saw zooey in cameron crowe’s ‘almost famous’ in 2000.  since i went to see that movie in 2000 it has become my favourite movie and i have loved her quirkiness, style, music and just general zooeyness!  she is naturally pretty, eats a vegan diet, has the most beautiful singing voice and has the most amazing style!  i want her hair!  she is also my mister’s top crush…but we know he has good taste! ; )


between us, the mister and i have most of zooey’s movies; almost famous, gigantic, all the real girls, elf, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, yes man, 500 days of summer, the tin man series and her first she & him album vol 1.  vol 2 goes on sale march 23rd.  very, very excited about seeing zooey and m.ward (the ‘him’ of she & him) perform live later this spring…maybe we’ll even get to meet her.

*images from weheartit*

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